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Ditch your old workout partner, the dogs have it

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Can't get to the gym? Your canine pal can help you get in a great workout.

Is your best workout partner waiting by the door begging to go out?

Combining breathing, form and meditation techniques - Tai Chi is an exercise for mind and body.

A daily walk is beneficial to both you and your dog, while it is great for both of your physical health, the ASPCA notes that dogs benefit from the mental stimulation as well. Mental stimulation helps prevent boredom and can keep them out of trouble at home. Train your dog by sticking to a regular routine and they’ll pay you back by reminding you to keep active.

Want to Get Happy? Walk the Dog from the American Kennel Club

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Getting Started

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Exercise ideas while she's sniffing the bushes and doing her business

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Upping your game with weights and exercise bands

6 Exercises That Turn Your Dog's Walk Into A Total Body Workout For You from Greatist

Videos demonstrate how to get in some bodyweight exercises that are dogs play


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