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You Don't Want to Work Today. Now What? Some Tips & Tricks

Whether you're bummed or just bored, you really don't want to work today. Read some tips and tricks to break out of the slump and return to productivity.

Photo by magnetme on Pixabay

The Great Resignation and quiet quitting taught businesses that workers have their limits. Whether they worked too many hours under stressful conditions before reaching an unacceptable burn-out level or they simply wanted to improve their income or work-life balance, workers clearly had had enough following the pandemic.

Are you starting to feel bored at work? Do you feel less motivated to get work done? Don't worry; that's a natural thing to happen from time to time. Try these tips to get back in a good groove.

1. Get Some Physical Activity Every Hour

If you spend eight hours a day in front of a computer, take five minutes an hour to walk, stretch, or even do push-ups. Physical activity can help prevent fatigue and back pain. It also gets the blood flowing while refreshing your mind as you think about taking a quick break instead of focusing on work. You might have an aha moment during your physical activity.

2. Ask to Cross-Train in Another Department

Perhaps expanding your horizons will give you a new perspective on your job. For example, you work in sales but you want a more solid financial understanding of how your company works. Ask your supervisor if you could spend some time shadowing someone in finance or accounting to get a better grasp of how your sales benefit the overall financial standing of the company. Learning the finances might make you a better salesperson.

3. Reward Yourself Every Day

Reward yourself for a job well done at the end of every day. You could spend an extra hour with your kids, read your favorite author before bed, or watch an episode of your favorite streaming show. Rewarding yourself for daily tasks, not just major accomplishments, is important because you'll feel better about yourself and your work.

4. Organize Your Tasks More Efficiently

Think of your workday as 15-minute blocks. What can you get done in that amount of time? You could clear out or prioritize your inbox, respond to an important email, or prepare for a meeting. Eventually, your inbox will be empty (yay!) and you won't have lingering feelings of not accomplishing something.

5. Eat Energizing Foods

Sugary drinks and lots of caffeine give you a quick boost of energy, but then a crash later. Manage your energy levels better by eating quality proteins and complex carbs to prevent fatigue in the middle of the day.

Try eating more of these foods:

• Eggs

• Oatmeal

• Chicken

• Beans

• Lentils

• Walnuts

• Tea

• Berries

• Dark chocolate

Consider combining some of these foods into a power-packed meal, like oatmeal with berries and walnuts for breakfast. At lunch, think about a hearty meal of baked chicken with a side salad and beans or lentils.

6. Take a Lunch Break

Don't forget to take a lunch break in the middle of your work day, whether you work at home or the office. A lunch break, means a full meal away from your desk where you unplug from work for 30 minutes to an hour. You'll feel more refreshed and focused afterward.

7. Elevate Your Hobby

Many businesses and careers start with a passion. Have you thought about taking your hobby to new heights? Do you have a hobby that you love that has nothing to do with your work? Learn to monetize your hobby gradually over time. At some point, it could become just as lucrative as your full-time employment.

For example, you work in sales at a local car dealership. But you really love creating handmade jewelry in your spare time. Start putting some of your jewelry pieces online and see whether people buy them. Eventually, you could have your own jewelry-making business that makes you much happier than selling cars for someone else.

8. Keep a List of Things to Do Later

You have plenty of distractions throughout the day. Keep a list of interesting things to do later instead of letting distractions steal your attention during work hours. Doing so should help you focus. It also gives you a list of activities to look forward to at the end of the workday.

9. Take Some Time Off

Save up your PTO to take some time off from work. Sometimes, a week-long vacation without thinking about the office can do wonders for recharging your batteries. You could return ready to work with improved productivity, a smile on your face, and a skip in your step.

10. Determine the Source of Your Lethargy

When you ponder why you're bored at work or don't feel like working today, get to the bottom of your feelings. You might discover stuff about yourself that causes a shift in your life that leads to bigger and better things.

For example, you discover that you're bored at work because of something lacking in your personal life. If you change your personal life, you might find that you feel better and your work life improves. Don't be afraid to discuss your feelings with a mental health professional. They might be able to offer appropriate ways to help you progress while giving you insights into your emotions.

Alter Your Daily Routine

Maybe you just need to change one aspect of your life to try something different. Get to sleep 30 minutes earlier. Eat something different for lunch. Try out a new restaurant. Buy a new outfit. After a month, alter one more aspect of your routine. Then do the same thing a month later. Over a year, you'll develop new habits that could completely change your life.

Get started on tips that you think will help jumpstart your life and put you in a new orbit for your career. Sometimes, you just need to alter one thing about your behavior to feel more motivated and get work done at the office.


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