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Tips for Maintaining Healthy Habits During the Holidays

The holidays do not need to be a time of regret or discomfort. They can be a time to enjoy family, friends, and co-workers while maintaining healthy habits, such as office chair exercises. You'll feel better, healthier, and happier, and those healthy habits will help you live longer.

The holidays are a wonderful time of joy and festivities– they are a time when we all come together to celebrate with family and friends good food, comfort, and comradery with a side dose of those ever-important office chair exercises. Yep, the holidays can be safe and healthy too. It just takes some careful attention to incorporate healthy habits into your daily practice during the holidays.

Unfortunately, it's easy to get caught up in the "spirit" of the season, which is so often about overeating at every holiday office party or family event. This can lead to regret for the next six months as you rue the days you spent all that time giving into unhealthy behaviors.

The holidays do not need to be a time of regret or discomfort. They can be a time to enjoy family, friends, and co-workers while maintaining healthy habits. You'll feel better and be healthier and happier. Healthy habits, like office chair exercises, will also help you live longer.

Here are a few quick tips on how to maintain healthy habits during the holidays.

Create a Plan and Write It Down

The first step in maintaining healthy habits for the holiday season is to plan. You already know where and when unhealthy foods and drinks will most tempt you. Instead of giving in to the inevitable challenges, you can create a plan to make healthy choices for every situation.

Be sure to write down your plan and give yourself a variety of strategies to overcome the temptations you will face in the days to come. Don't be afraid to get granular with your plan. Include creative outlets such as office chair exercises to help keep you on track with your healthy habits.

Remember: more is just more. Holiday foods don't magically lose their calories just because they taste so good. That feeling of being bloated and ultra-stuffed doesn't feel good, nor is it healthy. So, being satisfied really will mean you'll feel better, less guilty, and physically content.

Choose Healthy Options

Yes, you could pile your plate with a mountain of food and devour all of it, or you can plan. Bring healthy options with you if you plan to eat with a group. Make sure you're preparing healthy food for your meals at home too.

You don't have to get stuffed 24/7 just because it's Thanksgiving or Christmas. Be deliberate with your eating habits. Only eat when you're hungry and don't continue eating well after you've satisfied your hunger.

Part of having healthy options is how you follow up on those healthy food choices too. Instead of "vegging out" all day or month, go for a walk, try some office chair exercises while you're at work, or take your family for a hike to get some fresh air. Every healthy habit helps.

Indulge Yourself in Moderation

This time of the year is full of so many tasty foods, and everyone is offering them to you. It almost seems rude not to partake at least a little, right? It's not the "little bit" of partaking that's the problem. It's when you overindulge.

Enjoying a piece of pie or chocolate cake is not the same as getting stuffed regularly throughout the holiday season. Be deliberate about how you enjoy the delectable foods and drinks and the rest of your time during the holiday season.

Instead of constantly eating, break it up, even if it's just to do some stretching or office chair exercises. You'll feel better, which may inspire you to go for a walk, practice some yoga, or even go to the gym. Those anti-sedentary actions are healthy. They might also contribute to a longer, happier life.

Challenge Yourself to a New Mindset

The holidays are stressful, but you're not helping your stress with unhealthy habits. Instead of giving in to all the temptations, create goals for yourself that include tangible milestones. Have you eaten your fruit and vegetables for the day? What about your workout routine? What about your office chair exercises? Are you consistent with what you do?

It's easy to say that you'll start that healthy lifestyle and mindset after the holidays. That approach also makes your after-holidays goals that much more daunting and even easier to ignore. Resolve to stay on track with your plan, and then target a specific event that you're working toward.

It could be an organized event, like a marathon or bike ride for a cause. Or it could simply be working toward a hiking trip with your family that will require that you are more toned and resilient. Whatever your goal is, remember your healthy choices now make a world of difference. Simple activities, like your office chair exercises, are all part of what will get you where you want to be: happy and healthy.

Rethink the Holiday Fare – Try Something New

One of the greatest downfalls of the holiday season is the concept that you must keep with tradition. That could be the mountain of Christmas cookies you make every year. Or it could be all of your holiday meal choices. If tradition calls for unhealthy habits, create new practices that don't revolve around food.

Instead of piling your plate with the traditional holiday fare every meal, mix it up. Try a salad or a healthy smoothie. Focus on incorporating healthy foods into every meal that you eat, and be sure to stay active by integrating office chair exercises, walking, and other physical activities.

While you're at it, don't be afraid to create new holiday traditions. Instead of relying so heavily only on your old unhealthy habits, focus on events and activities that are entertaining, with a healthy and nutritious spin. Even your office chair exercises will help you be and feel more healthy for the holidays.

Don't Give Stress Center Stage - Office Chair Exercises Could Help

Holidays can and should be healthy, happy, and full of fun and laughter, but they are often very stressful. Perfection is not the goal here, so go with the flow and remember what's most important this holiday season.

Take a moment. Step back. Consider what's most important in your life. Then, focus on what that means to you. This should be a time to enjoy time together, particularly after the hardships of the last year. Think about everything you have to be thankful for, including those office chair exercises.

Life isn't ever perfect, and the holidays aren't either. Focus on the present instead of what could or should be. At this moment, your health is important and so are those office chair exercises. Every action you take now will make a difference in your health going forward. The actions you take right now in this holiday season really will make a difference in your life long-term.

Why Healthy Habits are Important to Advanta?

We know that a big part of maintaining healthy habits is about planning and permitting yourself to put your own needs first and making small changes such as:

• Don't get frustrated if you do make unhealthy choices.

• Focus on doing better next time.

• Pay attention to getting in those office chair exercises.

• Avoid the urge to skip meals. It often leads to eating more unhealthy foods in the long run.

• Buy and keep healthy meal options at home. Take them with you for work lunches or other get-togethers.

• Communicate with your friends and family.

As you prepare yourself for a healthier holiday season, hopefully, you'll also have the support of those who care about you. Slow down. Enjoy those healthy options and take time for those office chair exercises. Savor the time with family and friends. Find out how different the holidays really can be when you prioritize your health.

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels


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