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The Importance of Protein


Your body needs a healthy mix of fats, proteins and carbs to stay healthy. Over the next several posts, we will highlight the importance of all three. Read the full blog for more information on the importance of protein!


Over the next several blog posts we will be highlighting the importance of a healthy diet consisting of balanced ”macronutrients” (carbs, proteins and fats.) In this post we will focus our attention on protein – the macronutrient that many think will automatically grow you muscle and make you “bulky.”

Protein is vitally important for 5 major bodily functions:


  • Protein is an important building block for building muscle, strengthening bones and strengthening your hair and nails


  • After a workout of any level of intensity, protein is important to repair the work that has just been done to your muscles – not enough protein to repair your body after a workout and you may find yourself waking up sore the next day


  • Your blood requires protein to maintain healthy, oxygenated blood that flows freely throughout your body


  • While many people may think any protein consumed goes directly into building muscles – about half of the protein consumed actually is used to properly digest the food you consume

  • Does your stomach hurt after you eat? Maybe you’re not eating enough protein


  • One often forgotten benefit of protein consumption is in regulating hormones particularly during developmental stages of life


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