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National Relaxation Day

Everyone needs to take some time to relax, and while you should observe National Relaxation Day, we want you to remember that you deserve to relax every day. There are several ways to relax, all of which are valid. See what works for you and incorporate relaxation into your daily routine. You deserve it.

Photo by S Migaj on Unsplash

In 2022, it is easier to pack your schedule full of to-dos, promises we’ve made to family members and coworkers, and workouts that you can hardly squeeze in. We spend so much time being connected so that we can continue to do more work.

There is a societal expectation that we should always do more since modern amenities allow us to. However, we must pause and take time to respect relaxation, especially when working in a demanding profession like education, healthcare, or administration.

Nonstop appointments and meetings are a great reason why we should honor National Relaxation Day.

What Is The History of National Relaxation Day?

National Relaxation Day was established in 1985. It was created by Sean Moeller, who was only a fourth grader when he thought of it.

Although a child thought of the idea, some of us have been honoring his sentiments about the day for years. Sean Moeller insisted that our daily chores, work, and school don’t allow us to relax and that we can’t truly relax if we’re participating in any of these.

What Are Some Ways To Relax Every Day, Not Just On National Relaxation Day?

To show up in our work commitments, school, and family members, we must prioritize relaxation all the time, not just on National Relaxation Day. Here are a few ways that you can relax every day:

1. Read a book. There’s nothing better than a good book, whether you’re reading an interesting autobiography or a captivating romance novel. Experts have proved that reading can reduce your stress levels by up to 68%. To maximize how your relaxation, you could even try reading in a coffee shop or on your deck in the sunlight.

2. Meditate. Meditation and relaxation definitely go together; take some time to clear your mind and forget your worries.

3. Do yoga. If you’re going to meditate, try doing some yoga, too. These long, meditative stretches can help soothe tension in your body and mind.

4. Create a self-care routine. Creating a self-care routine can be an essential part of relaxing every day. An example of a self-care routine is coming home from work, drinking a cup of tea, soaking in a warm bath, and finishing off the night with a delicious meal or snack. In fact, reach for that chocolate bar as consuming dark chocolate can actually reduce stress and anxiety.

5. Join your family for game night. Turn off your working brain and step into some fun with your family members. Gather around your favorite board game or video game, have some snacks, and connect with one another on how your day was.

What Are Small Ways To Implement Moments Of Relaxation Throughout Your Day?

There are a few different ways to schedule your relaxation, and you don’t just have to do it at the end of the day.

You can implement relaxation into your day by doing some of these ideas:

1. Go for a walk in nature. Take a step back from your desk and walk down the street. Mindfully observe the trees, the colors of the leaves, and the way the air feels on your skin. Taking this brief moment to reconnect with nature can make a difference in your mood and how relaxed you feel when you return to your desk.

2. Take a coffee break. Our morning java can fuel us up for the day, but it can also provide a respite from work. Take your time mindfully sipping your coffee, and savor it for a moment before you move on to your next task. It will make you feel as if you’re not in a rush to do everything.

3. Hit the gym. Start your morning with a workout. If you make time to exercise every day, you’re preparing your body for relaxation and peak efficiency throughout your day. Exercise releases the endorphins that make us feel good, and it’s harder to stay focused on your stressors when you feel good.

What Can I Do To Recover From Workouts?

Let’s assume you’ve taken our advice from the last section and started hitting the gym routinely. You’ll want to invest in a couple of ways to recover from that workout to maximize the effect that working out has on relaxation. Here are a couple of suggestions:

1. Grab a nutritious snack. Try to eat this soon after you finish your workout. Your body needs fuel to keep going, and carbohydrates can help your muscles rebuild.

2. Drink up. Make sure to hydrate after a workout since you’ve lost a lot of fluids from sweating. Drink water, not coffee, tea, or soda.


As we jump back into our busy schedules, it's important to remember that rest is productive. National Relaxation Day is a great opportunity to step back from your obligations and allow yourself to relax, but you shouldn't limit relaxation to this day.

Whether you're hitting the gym, sitting down for an hour of meditation, or taking a step away from your desk to have a mindful moment, there are always opportunities to relax.


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