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Meet Yantalay Neal

Yannie, our Client Services Specialist at Advanta, has always wanted to help others become the best version of themselves. In her role, she works with clients on their fitness journey, utilizing her experiences, people skills, and motivation to inspire them to reach new heights.

Yannie's desire to support others began at a young age, and the first career she remembers aspiring to was that of a doctor. "I've always liked helping people," she says. This trait is something Yannie's family members know well. She has a large family with many siblings, although she mainly grew up with two.

When asked about Yannie's characteristics, her brother Tyshan described her as highly motivated and caring. One particular instance she displayed these qualities was when their younger sister passed away. Detailing how difficult it was, Tyshan credits Yannie with keeping him sane, adding, "I would have lost it if she wasn't my backbone. That was one of the times when those characteristics shined through and played a major role in my life. I would also say she kept me on track, and she kept me safe."

In her current role — where Yannie engages in phone conversation each day — it's her life experiences and ease of creating connections that make her such a success. When asked about who or what got her to where she is now, Yannie credits life experiences instead of a specific person's influence. She describes seeing others going through things, struggling, or exhibiting drive and ambition as helping her grow as a person.

"You see a struggle, and you don't want to go down that route; you want to learn from it. You want to know why that person struggles, what got them there, and how they got out of it."

Life experience also taught Yannie about the power of hindsight, particularly from her parents' point of view. She was also the first person in her family to go to college. Her mom is now a substance abuse counselor, and her dad has retired, but growing up, they always made the most of what they had. Yannie details how she didn't realize there was a struggle, but looking back, she can see the things that were taken for granted. "You just don't always appreciate the little things at that moment in time," she notes. "As an adult, I had to sit down with my mother and tell her she'd done a good job. It's these life experiences that I can look back on."

In Yannie's daily life at Advanta Health, her job connects her with a diverse range of people. Some moments are great, whereas others see her dealing with people who aren't so easygoing. She states that you only sometimes get the good folks, but most people still appreciate what she's doing to help them. When people call to speak to her, they can connect with her on that human level. She doesn't talk over their heads or use fancy language, and she's someone everyone can relate to and feel comfortable around.

Sometimes, her expertise and knowledge cross into her personal life. People ask about what she does — which she describes as "a customized health program for members who want to stay fit" — and they want to get involved in ActiveFit+. She also finds people coming out of an injury or wanting to get their life back on track, and she steps in to ask how she can help. This passion for health and fitness shines in and out of work, although she admits there are some improvements she could make to her health journey. Nutrition-wise, Yannie has it covered, but she states she could do more on the physical front.

"Be sure to learn from others' mistakes so that you don't make them yourself."

Yannie's determination and grit are apparent throughout the interview, as are her ambition and ability to lock onto something and see it through. She's kind, calculated, and fearless, particularly when learning from mistakes.

Advanta is excited to see continued success in our clients, with Yannie at the helm to offer advice and help whenever needed.


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