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How To Use Home Gym Equipment

With fitness classes cancelled and gyms closed, many have purchased, dusted off, or borrowed home gym equipment. Here are some tips on how even the most common household items can become part of your home workout toolkit:

The last six months and counting have been difficult for gym-goers everywhere. Many have taken to walking or running or have had to be creative about using living spaces to exercise while they work, or even assist in virtual learning, from home.

Exercise routines have been adjusted and re-adjusted. However, for people who used to start or end their day with a trip to a workout class or the gym, it has been a challenge to recreate that post-gym-workout feeling.

Whether you have a few pieces of exercise equipment laying around your house, or you purchased a few pieces on your own, there are still good ways to improvise and create your own at-home gym workout with common household items.

Creating Your Own Equipment

1. Create “dumbbells” by using a bag full of books, a jug of laundry detergent, or a gallon of milk. Don’t drop the weights!

2. Instead of a box or bench you might use at your gym – use your couch for lunges or step ups. Even with body weight alone, these movements can be great!

3. You may have used “sliders” at your gym for ab and hamstring exercises. Instead of sliders, use paper plates on carpet floors or towels on hard floors to achieve the same stimulus.

Utilizing Your Equipment

1. Create a “circuit” of three exercises that you can do one after another for 4 sets (movement 1, followed by movement 2, followed by movement 3 = 1 set).

2. Do between 8-12 reps of each movements with about :30 of rest in between.

3. Make sure you have upper body movements and lower body movements incorporated

Upper Body Movements

1. Push Up

2. Shoulder Press

3. Bench Press

4. Bicep Curl

5. Tricep Dip / Extension

Lower Body Movements

1. Step Up

2. Step Back Lunge

3. Deadlift

4. Squat

Checkout free resources like “Central Athlete” on YouTube for demonstrations of these movements. Drop us a note or picture of your most creative homework tool at!



While this article was written by a certified fitness professional, Advanta Health Solutions is not requiring readers to participate in these exercises. We are merely offering suggested movements that can be performed once you have established a workout routine for yourself. You should always consult with a healthcare professional prior to starting a new workout routine.


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