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Get Your Steps When Working From Home

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

ActiveFit+ has gathered tips and tricks for achieving your SmartWalking goals while at home

Going for a long walk is a great way to reach your goals; pick a nature trail or park away from the crowds.

If you have a wearable but your hands are stationary (think stroller), try strapping your wearable to your ankle.

Walking Ideas

  • Walk while talking on the phone

  • Go for a walk outside

  • Don’t send the kids to get things for you – get up and retrieve them yourself

  • Walk around while brushing your teeth or hair

  • Set an alarm to remind you to get up and take a walking break

  • Take the scenic route, even inside your house

  • Create a walking path through your house

  • Walk the dog

  • Try a stairs workout

  • Do household chores inefficiently – multiple trips when picking up and doing laundry

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