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Change Your Perspective and Direct Your Life

A wrong mentality pulls the brain in every direction. Learn how to change your perspective and overcome adversity.

The power that your mind has over your physical body is truly profound. Known as the mind-body connection, it is the very real link between the way you think and feel, and the physical symptoms that occur as a result. For instance, this connection is easily traceable when you consider the fight, flight, or freeze response. When this stress response is activated, hormones are released that produce intense physical symptoms within the body.

How Perspectives Form in the Brain

Your mindset changes according to how it calculates risk-to-reward. Younger people lack the life experience to overcome certain adversities. Failure to surpass mentally debilitating moments can cause PTSD and create many lingering long-term effects.

As you grow wiser, your brain develops coping mechanisms for negative perspectives. You might block out intrusive thoughts or trick your brain out of depression. The change in thinking empowers you to choose the direction of your life. If you feel happy when things are going well for you, that fuel tank light will come on and inspire you. It takes the positive reinforcements from human bonds to build this positive character.

The Developing Mentality of an Infant

Look at this subject by understanding how consciousness comes to exist. Humans are not born with this and evolution has a role. When people never spoke, emotional regulation was a much different subject. You look at life for what it is today and a non-barbaric society means perplexing perspectives for mankind.

Your early years are fundamental but infancy is the most pivotal time. Some newborns develop reactive attachment disorder after facing extensive trauma or neglect. These kids grow up without a true understanding of right and wrong.

Effectively, as a response to extreme stress, the brain grows to only process life with a negative perspective. This poor psych is challenging, to say the least. Individuals with reactive attachment disorder often develop psychotic disorders and other mental health issues. Many go on to live dangerous lives. This disorder is commonly found in serial killers.

You trust loved ones and build bonds. Your brain then learns coping mechanisms. The sense of panic goes away as you leave infancy. Stress responses stop triggering at all angles. You can feel comfort and you desire positive reinforcements. Your intent to do wrong fades as doing good pays off. With that love, your potential blossoms and you see yourself differently while also wanting the best for yourself.

Now you are an adult, and you need to change your perspective. Your childhood innocence seems to be a thing of the past. You still have a good heart, but your brain gets in the way. Developing a conscience will install one unarguable state of mind that does good for you.

How You Can Change Your Perspective

This subject is diverse, complex, and intimidating. Facing it without professional help might create new layers of problems. Some guidance from a qualified therapist is an excellent idea. With that said, there are some basic changes you can make to how you go about your life. Take these steps and watch how you change your perspective and feel like a new person.

Take Control with Mindfulness

You may have heard the term before, but wondered what practicing mindfulness was all about. The good news is that you don’t need to buy anything, and you don’t need some special skill to benefit from it. All you need to do is create a quiet space for your mind to stop all of its thinking, analyzing, and stressing out, and just “be.”

Your only goal is to pay attention to the present moment. Whatever feelings or thoughts may arise, don’t judge yourself for them. Just let them go and focus on your breathing. As your mind drifts, bring it back again to the present. Whether you practice mindfulness through meditation or through yoga, it is proven to reduce stress, and therefore benefits your state of wellbeing. To learn how to do yoga at home, read about it here.

Put Your Mental Notes on Paper

If you are feeling bad or upset about something and have no one to talk to, write it down. Even if no one else but you ever sees it, getting that negative energy outside of yourself will free up your mind for bigger and better things.

Speaking of, now that you have your pen and paper out, why not use it to write down a few positive affirmations? Here is how to do it. If you are having a negative thought, write down its positive opposite. Start your affirmation with “I” or “My” and write it down in the present tense. Fill your affirmation with positive words and emotions, and write it down several times if you can.

Act for Others to Feel Positive Reactions

When you are feeling blue, one of the most positive things you can do to change your perspective is to do something good for someone else. Many smaller studies show that participating in an activity such as volunteering actually has the ability to lower depression levels. Not only that, there is proven to be an increase in happiness when you spend your money on others compared to when you spend it on yourself.

Build Your Resilience Against Adversity

To be resilient means to have the ability to cope with and bounce back from the difficulties of life. When someone is resilient, they are able to maintain a positive outlook and cope with stress effectively. How can one cultivate a stronger sense of resiliency?

One way is to learn to be flexible and flow with the changes of life. Remaining optimistic during the darker periods can be difficult at times, but being hopeful is a part of being resilient. Having caring and supportive people around you is helpful, as is learning to nurture yourself when you feel stressed. Read about “How Regular Activity Keeps You Strong During Tough Times."

Focus on Preventing Moments of Conflict

Many people don’t visit the doctor until they get sick. This is akin to taking your car to the mechanic after it falls apart. If this describes you or someone you know, perhaps it is time to change your perspective.

Focusing on prevention means using your mind to make intelligent and responsible choices for your health. Eating right, exercising, and avoiding alcohol and drugs are great places to begin. Receiving preventative care, such as immunizations and cancer screenings, from your physician is another example. Use your intuitive mind to stay in touch with your body and stay one step ahead of sickness and disease. Read about breast cancer prevention tips here.

Explore Your Creative Side to Feel Free

Within yourself, there is a fountain of untapped creativity that is just waiting to be unearthed. To locate it, begin by spending time doing an activity that brings you peace or happiness. Becoming involved with a creative activity often causes time to stand still, as the mind and body are involved in something that is both entertaining and stimulating. Expressing yourself creatively can also be about trying new things. By doing so, your confidence grows and real growth becomes possible.

Live With Intention and Never Give Up

Some people go through life as if they are on autopilot. On the opposite end of the spectrum, is living life with intention. Living with intention means that every day, you make a conscious decision to engage in meaningful activities that will have some type of positive impact on your life.

One aspect of living with intention is about prioritizing your time to take care of what really matters. Spending time each day to care for your body by practicing your favorite exercise is one example. Take charge of your schedule and commit to spending time doing the things that you feel make your life worth living.

Take Charge of Who You Are!

You might find it ambiguous to believe these simple practices will make a big difference. The human brain really does desire positive reinforcement. Conditioning your mind to focus on the good of life will transform you as a person. Growth in self-confidence will come and you will ultimately be thankful for all of your hard work.


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