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7 Best HIIT Workouts for Men

When you think about HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts for men, you might probably picture them as grueling and punishing routines that seem impossible to maintain over time. While there is truth to the difficulty of these workouts, especially if you’ve been out of shape for years, you can manage them with a well-planned approach.

Photo by Gabin Vallet on Unsplash

Choosing a specific HIIT workout plan allows you to focus on the targeted muscle groups with lasting results. You might consider five to six repetitions of HIIT per workout for comprehensive body conditioning.

#1 – The Sprint Interval HIIT Workout

The sprint interval HIIT workout for men is a basic but effective workout. Through sprint interval HIIT, you develop your sprints over a given period by progressively improving your stamina. Most people perform the sprint interval HIIT workout on a treadmill after a short warm-up.

Usually, the process involves 10 rounds of 35-second sprints alternated with 25 seconds of rest. You may also perform sprint interval HIIT workouts within an outdoor setting, such as 100-yard sprints across a football field, resting 45 seconds after each 100-yard sprint, going for 10 reps.

#2 – HIIT Workouts for Men Focused on the Lower Body

Your lower body includes muscles such as the hip abductors, quadriceps, and glutes that require specific training to give you a solid foundation and stabler movements. A HIIT workout catering to your lower body strengthens the muscles in the lower region while improving your overall strength and stamina.

An example of HIIT workouts for men focused on lower body conditioning includes three rounds of:

1. A 30-second sprint

2. 30 seconds of squat jumps

3. 20 lunges per leg

4. 50 calf raises

5. 30-second jump lunges

6. 1-minute rest

#3 – The 20/20 Full-Body Cardio Workout

The 20/20 full-body cardio workout is a comprehensive exercise routine that covers multiple muscle groups. The routine is the brainchild of fitness expert Cori Lefkowith, the founder of the wellness company Redefining Strength.

HIIT beginners might find the 20/20 routine demanding, as it involves multiple moves in 4–6 repetitions, with 20-second breaks. You might consider starting with four repetitions to condition your body before increasing the intensity to six. The usual breakdown of the 20/20 full-cardio HIIT workout for men might include:

1. Tuck jump plank tucks for 20 seconds

2. A 20-second rest

3. Plyometric push-ups for 20 seconds

4. Rest for 20 seconds

5. Perform single-leg deadlift hops for 20 seconds

6. Rest for 20 seconds

7. Perform plank skaters for 20 seconds

8. Rest for 20 seconds

9. Use balance bicycles for 20 seconds

10. Complete a set by resting for 20-40 seconds

#4 – Bodyweight Tabata Circuit

Bodyweight exercises are the focus of the Tabata Circuit. These moves do not involve any gym equipment. Instead, they rely on your body weight’s natural resistance. These may include push-ups, reverse crunches, planks, and/or squats.

For the Bodyweight Tabata Circuit, select a bodyweight exercise of your choice and go at it for 20 seconds before taking a 10-second break. Repeat the process for eight sets for a total of four minutes. You might consider switching out the preferred bodyweight move to add variety to your fitness regime.

#5 – The Total Body Beatdown

If you seek EMOM (every minute on the minute) workouts that train your body to work and recover faster, the Total Body Beatdown is a great addition to your physical regime. The Total Body Beatdown takes 12 minutes and involves four sets of three exercises.

These exercises include 15 air squats within the first minute, followed by 15 burpees and 10 lying superman holds. Unlike the other HIIT workouts for men on this list with fixed breaks, you will have more time to rest between each set by completing the exercises faster.

#6 – Boxing HIIT Workout

Some HIIT workouts for men may incorporate stances and movements from popular high-intensity sports. For example, Dr. Miele-Pascoe, an expert in sports and recreation, recommends a workout inspired by boxing, which requires a punching bag and a jump rope. Begin the workout by jumping rope for a minute, starting at a slower pace for the first 30 seconds before increasing the intensity for the remaining half.

Follow up the regime with:

1. 40 quick crunches

2. 20 push-ups

3. 15 jump squats

4. Take a 30-second break before going for another minute on the jump rope

5. Follow up with hitting the punching bag for a minute

6. Perform 15 push-ups

7. Do 25 jumping jacks

8. Complete the routine with 25 crunches

#7 – Leg and Shoulder Combo

Some HIIT workouts may combine upper and lower body training to help you optimize your exercise time. For example, the following HIIT workout for men combines shoulder and leg training, giving you a good cardio boost while conditioning your entire body. You will require dumbbells for the leg and shoulder combination. Remember to scale two sets of dumbbells according to your arm and leg training plan.

The general steps for the leg and shoulder combo training are:

1. 10 dumbbell Romanian deadlifts

2. 12 dumbbell walking lunges per leg

3. 12 dumbbell glute bridges

4. 12 dumbbell Z-presses

5. 15 dumbbell lateral raises

6. 15 dumbbell upright rows

Rest one minute after each circuit and repeat the process four


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