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The Edges of The Grocery Store

Updated: Oct 6, 2020


In theory, the more time someone spends in a grocery store, the more money they will likely spend. In fact, there are teams of people whose job it is to determine the best way to arrange the store to encourage consumers to spend more time there.

A common strategy is the aisle system where “grab bag” items, or items that are placed on the shelves to be easily grabbed and placed your cart, prominently appear when you walk through the store and as you are waiting on line to make purchases. What is one common theme with all the products on the shelves in the center aisles and on these “grab bag” shelves? They do not require a temperature-controlled setting and therefore can contain many processed ingredients that are not as good for you.

Contrast this with the items that are on the outside of the store, or on the edges of the store. The items located on the edges require a temperature-controlled setting where you can find fresh produce, lean poultry, light dairy, and other fresh foods that can go bad if they are left out too long.

If you try to commit to purchasing more items located on the outside of the grocery store you will find yourself eating healthier because you are eating more fresh foods.

While there are certainly healthy choices within the middle aisles, see for yourself how a simple awareness of the fresh foods on the edges can help you make healthier food choices.


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